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Me….. I’m killing for peace

When I need to focus in this “world gone mad” I return again and again to the guidance of Sun Tzu (The Art of War). “It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled … Continue reading

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“… and with a start, the cabin boy realized there was no one at the helm.”

As the Middle East was fast becoming a cauldron of jihadist terror that will change the region forever, our Fifth-Columnist-in-Chief reviewed some South American Gilbert and Sullivan army. This is a leader at war: This is a Manchurian Candidate at war: … Continue reading

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It’s high time you understand “who wears the pantsuit” in this operation

Germans pull forces out of NATO… Allies in disarray… DER SPIEGEL: Coalition of the Unwilling… OBAMA: No ground troops, no matter what happens… Redefines ‘exit strategy’… French PM: ‘We are not at war’… Costs, mission unclear… Also backing the rebels … Continue reading

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Hello, my name is Frau Merkel; I’m an hysteric.

Germany Shuts Down Seven Nuclear Reactors Guten tag, Frau Merkel. I know just how you feel… radiation was detected yesterday at DFW–the nearest major airport to my city and I’m petrified. What if the radiation from passengers on a plane from … Continue reading

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In numbers too loud to ignore…. yeah, I get that–heard it all my damned life

At The Pie this a.m. the regulars held forth on many topics including a local shooting and Barry, still unsure about that pesky Gaddafi, going on ESPN to make his picks in the NCAA tourney before heading on vaca to Brazil. … Continue reading

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“Never let a crisis go to waste…”

General Electric-designed reactors in Fukushima have 23 sisters in U.S. Steel yourselves Real America, and tell your liberal sister-in-law to get the tin foil hats off the kids… the propaganda onslaught to destroy the nuclear power industry is now in … Continue reading

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Following the Battle of Lexington Madison, the enemy is in full retreat and for the first time completely exposed for the fifth columnists and anti-Americans they are. If you believed this was all about teachers and salaries/benefits, you would be … Continue reading

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Heels and heartbeats…..

While scanning recently published books this morning, I noticed an interesting title from one David Brooks, who is billed as a “conservative” on the NYT payroll. Hardly… Brooks is nothing more than an inside-the-beltway liberal when it comes to his politics, … Continue reading

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I don’t hate him ’cause he’s black; I detest him because he’s red.

Charles Krauthammer sums it up nicely… America has, for the first time, a President who believes that “America is not intrinsically good, not intrinsically exceptional…that we’ve been corrupt since our beginning, so we necessarily would want to curtail the power of … Continue reading

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