“… and with a start, the cabin boy realized there was no one at the helm.”

As the Middle East was fast becoming a cauldron of jihadist terror that will change the region forever, our Fifth-Columnist-in-Chief reviewed some South American Gilbert and Sullivan army.

This is a leader at war:

This is a Manchurian Candidate at war: (pardon, than should have read: “This is a Manchurian Candidate at a kinetic military operation.”)

Meanwhile back on home soil, this waste of skin had the continued gall to blame President Bush, saying:  

“This (attacks on Libya)  is how the international community should work—more nations, not just the United States, bearing the responsibility and cost of upholding peace and security…”

Facts and history are difficult to master for a left-wing community organizer in a $2,000 suit. Bush had twice the coalition partners in Iraq than signed on for this naked war for European oil.

Obama on Libya: “It’s in Our National Interest to Act” — Defense Secretary Gates: “No, It’s Not a Vital Interest for the United States”…

All Americas must find this reassuring… just the same feeling you get when you hand the new Chevy keys to your ditzy 16-year-old daughter and her fellow cheerleaders: 

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Gates was asked, “Is Libya in our vital interest as a country?” He answered, “No, I don’t think it’s a vital interest for the U.S., but we clearly have interests there, and it’s a part of the region which is a vital interest for the U.S.”

But The Man with the Nuke Launch Codes:

“… when someone like Gadhafi threatens a bloodbath that could destabilize an entire region; and when the international community is prepared to come together to save many thousands of lives — then it’s in our national interest to act,” President Obama says, “And it’s our responsibility.  This is one of those times.”

And just so you remember… this was going to take “days” not “weeks” to turn Libya over to…… rebels Al Qaeda.

Doesn’t this sound a bit familiar?

Let’s look back all the way back to two months ago:

Feb. 1 – (WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama says the passion and dignity demonstrated by the people of Egypt has been an inspiration.

He says young protesters will reach their destiny.

In brief remarks at the White House Tuesday evening, the president said, “We hear your voices.”

Feb. 7 — (CBS News) When O’Reilly asked Mr. Obama about the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood and whether the group is a threat, Mr. Obama said, “I think they’re one faction in Egypt. They don’t have majority support in Egypt. But they’re well organized. There are strains of their ideology that are anti-U.S. There’s no doubt about it.”

Now, Cairo… 22 hours ago:

Kamal El Helbawy, a spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood, said “The Muslim Brotherhood are interested in the government, in the law that protects human dignity, freedom, equal opportunities, that stops corruption, and in favour of development. . . We are not rallying actively for Sharia Law, but it the majority wants it, then why not?”

As the best organized and most extensive opposition movement in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood was expected to have an edge in the contest for influence. But what surprises many is its links to a military that vilified it. — NY Times

Sources have found that in Egypt:

  1. religion has emerged as a powerful political force; guess which religion.
  2. The Brotherhood is at the forefront, and closely allied with the military government.
  3. young, educated, secular activists who initially propelled the non-ideological revolution are no longer the driving political force… if they ever really were…. including that mysterious Goggle executive.

Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi's regime.

Libyan Rebel Leader Fought With Islamists Against US in Afghanistan

Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.   

So just to recap…. Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, haunted by the Clinton Administration’s failure to send troops to Rwanda to stop the genocidal attacks on the Hutus talked Barack Hussein Obama into aiding Al Qaeda in the overthrow of Libya.

See, when U.S. interests are at stake, the left, the radical left and communists (natch) are all opposed, but when we can send our military into a nightmare swamp for “humanitarian reasons”, …. then by gawd keep those body bags a comin’.

Wrong war.

Wrong time.

Wrong strategy.

Wrong president.

About Gary Alexander

Volunteer coordinator for veterans support network in North Texas. Now retired from his private psychotherapy practice, I specialized in the diagnosis and treatment posttraumatic stress, working with victim assistance programs, veterans and the Veterans Administration for over 20 years. After being wounded in action in Vietnam, I was medically retired from the Marine Corps and know first hand many of the readjustment difficulties and psychological stresses experienced by today's OIF and OEF veterans. I am available, at minimal cost, to speak at your functions on several subjects including veterans issues, Vietnam, the Medal of Honor, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and critical incident debriefings.
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3 Responses to “… and with a start, the cabin boy realized there was no one at the helm.”

  1. D. F. Otto says:

    OWCH! Once again you have succinctly summed up the “brilliance” of this “President” and his cronies……….scary. DFO

  2. Thanks, much appreciated.

    I used to say that I never thought I’d live to see the end of the Soviet Union and the Berlin War…..

    Now I must include the possible addendum… I never thought I live long enough to see the end of America as world leader.

    • D. F. Otto says:

      That is the TRULY SCARY part. For the first time in my life I am deeply concerned about the future of this great Nation.

      I suspect the riots in London over the weekend are a preview of things to come….here. To much GREED and not enough concern for the welfare of others and OUR Country; do hope I’m wrong. DFO

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