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Houston waiting for connection to Diego. Beer. People watch. Tonight will be cruising in Mix’s classic Chevy pu and will post pics later. Hard to type on a 2.5 in. Screen…… cud an i-pad be in the future? Stay tuned.

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The man who never was….

This didn’t raise much attention before the election, but this has a great deal more substance than the claim about our Commander-in-CHief being born in the 57th state. There are no coincidences in politics and for a Chicago-trained, Marxist, rabble rousing … Continue reading

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Sometimes things just fold together nicely so, and I’m around to hear it, read it, or see it. Yesterday three initially disparate events occurred, the lesson for us follows: Tough Love: Congressman Allen West, about whom I’ve written (see previous post), spoke … Continue reading

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This is 1861… or if you prefer, Dec. 8, 1941..

As a reporter you’re tasked with moving the story from the general to the specific, at least when journalism was an honorable profession. Example: General:  Traffic accident  Specific: DUI:  More Specific:  Three DUI convictions   Very Specific: Never any jail time  … Continue reading

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Summer soldiers, sunshine patriots….

 RINO Alert: Over the years I’ve insisted that the real political enemy Real America faces is the Republican Party leadership. Today Rinotastic AZ  Governor Jan Brewer takes center stage with yesterday’s veto of two bills: Senate Bill 1467: Would’ve allowed concealed carry … Continue reading

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It is time….

We must withdraw our troops from the escalating war in Afghanistan and I don’t care if the Neanderthals there hoot and holler until the next time their psychotic religion demands the sacrifice of a goat, a woman or a 12-year-old girl. Yesterday I … Continue reading

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All that’s missing is a fluffy kitten.

I detest the Navy’s new ad campaign TV commercials which features a sci-fi “Transformer”-type aircraft full of nurses and doctors saving flood victims and handing out bottled water… Evian please. All that’s missing is a fluffy kitten.  And the tag … Continue reading

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