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From the Latin…..

For those of us who pause this weekend in our annual three-day orgy of swimming, beer, bbq, family gatherings, NASCAR/ Indy… I think you might agree that as a nation we are are missing the entire point of what we call Memorial Day. … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a politician…. Chicago style, or The Great Pretender

Let’s call it: WWBD…. “What Would Bill Do?” Scenario: The President of the United States has just had his ass kick by the Israeli premier and is made to look the incompetent teenage community organizer that he is; the worst death tornado death toll in 60 … Continue reading

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All You Need to Know Part Deux

Compare and Contrast Friday via Weasel Zipper Allen West vs. Mr. Mom Jeans Reagan vs. Obama riding a girls’ bike (how very flippin’ manly) The “Israeli Ronald Reagan” vs. Barry Obama

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Bitch-slapped! “It’s not going to happen….”

Perhaps Bibi wasn’t aware of Barry sits on the right hand of G-d, or perhaps no one had informed the retired IDF general that Barry was the most brilliant, competent president ever, and greatest orator in the history of Mankind. Otherwise he … Continue reading

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The gift of fear…. can save your life

It remains a vivid memory. On convalescent leave from the Long Beach Naval hospital after being medevaced from Vietnam, I accompanied a friend to his bank. As he opened the door and I followed him in, a motorcycle backfired only 10 feet … Continue reading

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Name game….

A little hoot with Newt.. New-New-Newt-Newt … Fat man inna bad suit… Thanks to this age of instant media we were able to witness the utter destruction, nay, suicide of a political career on camera. Thank Jesus it was Newt’s. The A/V clips … Continue reading

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TSA…! TSA…! TSA!…. go Ponzi Scheme!!

Homeland Security Sec Napolitano: That Whole Bin Laden Death Thing Really Didn’t Make Us Safer or Change Anything And… what we heard for all but eight months of the Bush presidency was “He failed to get bin Laden.” I’ll also wager … Continue reading

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Fun Friday Follies ……

This week’s snips… and the SOB in the White House is hardly worth the effort. Today is Friday the Thirteenth and Osama bin Laden… still dead, but the latest edition his last 40 minutes before going to Hell is now titled Subhuman 6.0. … Continue reading

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America, where are you now, don’t you care about your sons and daughters…..?

I often challenge others to name a single aspect of their life not in one way or another run through some form of government control… no one can; there is nothing in our lives, our society, that is not under attack by the current … Continue reading

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Living in a post-OBL world…..

One day after OBL went to sleep with the fishes we just missed going two-for-two with a drone missile strike on American traitor and subhuman, Anwar Awlaki. According to the military sources, two separate Predator attacks within 45 minutes aimed in south Yemen … Continue reading

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