Name game….

A little hoot with Newt..

New-New-Newt-Newt …

Fat man inna bad suit…

Thanks to this age of instant media we were able to witness the utter destruction, nay, suicide of a political career on camera.

Thank Jesus it was Newt’s.

The A/V clips of Gingrich savaging Rep. Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan will live on in RINO infamy:

“I don ‘t think right-wing social engineering is any  more desirable than left-wing social engineering. I don’t think imposing radical  change from the right or the left is a very good way for a free society to  operate,” he said when asked about Ryan’s proposal.

Gingrich called for a “national conversation” on  Medicare but described Ryan’s proposed overhaul as “too big a jump.”

Despite his later apology and “explanation” of his anti-conservative statements, Gingrich chose to align himself with Obama and other democrat critics of the GOP budget proposal; and he is was a candidate for the GOP presidential nomination.

“With allies like that, who needs the left?” Ryan would later quip.

Gingrich is like a sportscaster… lots of opinions, but he’s never turned a double play, chipped in from 40 yards or stopped a 120-mph puck. Like his buddy Barry, he just runs his mouth… endlessly.

His rep was mainly built as Speaker in the ’94 GOP sweep of  the House which was billed as the New Dawn of the Reaganites but under Gingrich’s leadership, it turned out to be the Night of the Living Dead.

We can speculate all we want about the GOP’s 2011 “front runners”, but it means nada… get ready for Obama 2.0, because its now cinched. The lesson the Republican Beltway elites failed to grasp from the ’08 election will now result in four more years of a disastrous, failed administration which will drive the nation to economic chaos and eventual civil unrest.

The rule here for conservative voters in 2012 is, trust no one with an “R” after his name; there is no one worthy of the nomination and it has already devolved to Mitt Obamacare Romney, simply because he has been anointed by the GOP leadership and is capable of raising the $1 billion required to even make it a contest.

Romney will be remembered as McCain Part II

Besides, here’s my POTUS Name Rule: no one named Adlai, Newt, “Huck“, “Mitt”, Hubert or Numbnuts for that matter will ever be president; we have Barack Hussein Obama only because we are a weak and silly nation full of idiots, slackers and communists, so the ’08 election was decidedly not a real American election in thd first place. That, and the fact that Lincoln was the last president elected directly from the House.

And…. back at the White House:



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