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Tail wags dog…. or “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain…”

Thank God there was a man, an American, at the helm when 30-40 DEVGRU SEALs hit the deck in Osama bin Laden’s courtyard, but you won’t see him in the above faked photo attempting to portray President Hussein as the Commander-in-Chief. I … Continue reading

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We’ve already met our best friends….

(Editor’s note: Please pardon the 24-break in service here; it seems an anti-spam hunter-killerbot cancelled my ticket at WordPress for some unfounded reason, making the OBL post tardy; obviously SkyNet has become self-aware). Had a great time in my Central California … Continue reading

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Osama bin Laden… still dead; and that’s all that’s true

  Okay let’s get started with basic facts which are in short supply since OBL did or did not resist, use his wife, daughter, stripper, UPS driver as a human shield, was or was not anointed with Aloe vera juice in keeping with … Continue reading

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