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Choke up a bit and take a longer stride….

Back in the late 80s while I was still playing fast-pitch softball, I bought a package deal at my local indoor batting cage; after a winter lay off, it takes a while to get your eye back and coax another season about … Continue reading

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She dance like there’s nobody watchin’; unfortunately that’s not the case…

After decades of First Ladies who took the title literally and acquitted themselves with class and dignity, now we have to endure “The Predator”, or “Big Bird“ as some of my friends prefer to call the on-going full-ghetto roll-out that … Continue reading

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How Obama Botched The Raid On Bin Laden (via Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead)

 Barack Obama Empties The Chamber of Secrets A security breach such as that perpetrated in the aftermath of the Bin Laden operation would have resulted in immediate charges being filed against the offender, followed almost certainly by a well-deserved stretch … Continue reading

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Thuggery addendum… in black and white

White teen returns home after brutal beating by blacks And not a word about hate crime…. Carter Strange returned home this week. The State (via Gateway Pundit) reported: Carter Strange, savagely beaten in Five Points last week by a group … Continue reading

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Thuggery. One of the benefits of this political era is the continuing full exposure of the left-wing’s criminal, brutal, and violent intent toward those with whom they disagree…. and the Regime-run news media’s looking the other way. Black conservatives are called … Continue reading

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Life imitates art, imitating life

A final note on the propriety of wishing ill health on ones enemies:  El Nuevo Herald has reported Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to be in critical condition. The socialist leader’s family has “urgently” left to go to him in Cuba within the … Continue reading

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Obama’s CnC misconduct post-mortem

Just to tidy up the last 48 hours here at the Southern Command… When I vowed some 30+ years ago I would never be labeled one of the “silent majority” who allowed the degenerates, enviro-whackos and eco-terrorists, garden variety “moderates” and the far-left control the debate, … Continue reading

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Our Jackass-in-Chief can’t remember the names or circumstances of just two Medal of Honor Recipients despite having personally awarded both Medals. (Flashback: Obama presented the nation’s highest military medal to Paul and Janet Monti Sept. 17,  2009, for their son who … Continue reading

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If not now, when? If not us, who?

NOW, THEREFORE, I, RICK PERRY, Governor of the State of Texas, by the authority vested in me by Article IV, Section 8, and Article III, Section 40, of the Texas Constitution, do hereby present the following subject matter to the Eighty-Second … Continue reading

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There is no “lowest rung” when it comes to the federal government

When I departed the AFEES station in Los Angeles en route to Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego, I was given a Salvation Army “ditty bag” containing toiletries and personal items, nail clippers, razor and a sewing kit. I appreciated … Continue reading

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