Obama’s CnC misconduct post-mortem

Just to tidy up the last 48 hours here at the Southern Command…

When I vowed some 30+ years ago I would never be labeled one of the “silent majority” who allowed the degenerates, enviro-whackos and eco-terrorists, garden variety “moderates” and the far-left control the debate, I’ve learned a great deal about myself, the nation and people whom I have know for a very long time…. or in some cases, thought I did.

But in the back-and-forth I got into on Facebook the other day over Obama I realized that at all times you must watch your back.

File:Enchoen27n3200.jpgChinese general and military strategist Sun-tzu advised  “It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”

Michael Corleone put it this way… “There are many things my father taught me here in this room. He taught me: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”

So, back to yesterday… someone I regarded as a friend–we went to high school together– responded to my attack on Obama with this:

“Just when I think you might have a few good qualities you open your mouth and blow it.”

I’ve known this woman for decades and never knew she had such low opinion of me; she was showing me one face and had several more at her disposal.

Trust me… I do not have a thin skin, never have; and I don’t give a damn about what she thinks of me… which I’ve learned is very little, if anything so it’s hardly worth another thought. But what I have realized is that I’ve allowed my guard down. I awoke to find that the enemy was inside my perimeter which is one reason I moved to Lone Star… that solved a lot of the problem right there.

Texas is the bastion of Real America; we stand, and we deliver.

The left’s volatile, highly emotional “thinking” goes on all the time, all around us.

So why do I urge caution regarding those who have little control of their clouded perspecdtive which in some can turn vicious?

Because we live in times where an allegation, a phone call can ruin your life in this politically-correct, near police state we’ve allowed to spread… well, like a cancer.

The left routinely calls conservatives “racists” “homophobes”, “sexists” and the Regime’s media does its best to make it stick. Are such people above saying you “inappropriately touched” a child… hell no.

Armed members of the New Black Panther Party intimidated white voters at the polls and their guilty verdict was dismissed Obama AG Eric Holder because he gives a pass to “his people”… meaning black thugs.

Got it whitey?

I believe that the fifth-column in this country is so large that a neighbor, a friend or even a relative would sell you down the river for a loaf of bread if it came to that in this country.

You follow me? I digress to make this point…:

The “capos” in the Nazi extermination camps were primarily Jews  who worked inside the death camps.  Their tasks including transporting victims of gassing to the ovens, cleaning the gas chambers of human excrement and blood, removal of gold from the teeth
of the victims, shaving the heads of those going to the gas chambers.

In other words, they turned on their friends and even their own family for food, fewer beatings and the hope that they would end up in the ovens last.

Most Holocaust survivors hate the capos more than Nazis.

There are would-be capos in your town right now.

Every day I see examples of the well-funded f ar left groups and even the government using their power to attack individuals and groups for their political speech and actions… even for having the temerity to run for local, state or national office.

Example: Sarah Palin and her family, including ridiculing her handicapped son; conservatives routinely receive deaths threats from union thugs, teachers, black panthers and the typical scum of the left.

Glenn Beck is now under heavy assault by the Obama/Soros regime trying to destroy him professionally and financially; I fear that Beck may be assassinated during his trip to stand with Israel. You should note that Soros, a Jew, was a Nazi collaborator as a young man in Poland.

Beck personally spends over $1 million for security for his family and staff. At any given time Beck’s security teams is investigating 10-12 deaths threats considered “serious.”

So…. we must never forget, especially in these times… Benedict Arnold was George Washington’s closest friend and best general, until…..

The First Revolution would have gone nowhere without the early “pamphleteers” such as Thomas Pain, Franklin, Adams, Hamilton, Revere and others who made use of early printing methods to publish their thoughts and distributed them throughout the Colonies.

In this Second American Revolution, conservative talk show radio hosts and bloggers are pamphleteers reborn.

This is where the battle has been and will continue to be joined.

Like generals, we only need a few “big voices” carrying the Constitutional message of liberty and freedom… those people, like Limbaugh, are in place on radio, tv, and the blogosphere.

Where troops are most needed is in the trenches of the political backwater such as what you are reading now. It is we who fight the small, daily battles with the left over our communities, schools, taxes and law enforcement that will eventually turn the tide.

All politics is local. Do everything you can to stand and be heard. Stop the left-wing politics as usual that has hamstrung this nation since the early 1960s.

There are 68 million of our fellow citizens who allowed the election of a socialist Manchurian Candidate who inflected a grievous wound on America. And now, according to the polls, many of these same idiots are admitting they made a huge mistake.

If we knew that going in, why didn’t they….? Those are answers for another time.

These anti-Americans of all stripes must be stopped and we must never fall asleep on guard duty again.

Ride to the sound of the guns.


About Gary Alexander

Volunteer coordinator for veterans support network in North Texas. Now retired from his private psychotherapy practice, I specialized in the diagnosis and treatment posttraumatic stress, working with victim assistance programs, veterans and the Veterans Administration for over 20 years. After being wounded in action in Vietnam, I was medically retired from the Marine Corps and know first hand many of the readjustment difficulties and psychological stresses experienced by today's OIF and OEF veterans. I am available, at minimal cost, to speak at your functions on several subjects including veterans issues, Vietnam, the Medal of Honor, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and critical incident debriefings.
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4 Responses to Obama’s CnC misconduct post-mortem

  1. loopyloo305 says:

    Amen and amen! Some would rather throw names than reason, but it does hurt when it’s people you don’t expect it from!

  2. Just thr price to pay for those who refuse to back down.

  3. Diane says:

    Keep doing what you are doing GA…..I love that you take a stand, have an extremely rationale thought process supported by logic and fact, and don’t cower.

  4. TonyF says:

    I love reading your blog. Never met and wish we could, but I would give you the shirt off my back if I had the chance. You are definitely someone I’d like covering my back. And, you are, by saying what you say. It is nice to find those inside the perimeter so you can eject them. Gives a warm feeling to know they’ve been exposed. Thanks again.

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