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The crisis that never was….

One thing I like about New Yorkers… their willingness to tell the boss to go to hell. New York Mayor and noted dwarf, Michael Bloomberg, demanded that citizens flee the city because of a much hoped-for (by democrats and the media) disaster of … Continue reading

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“Rebranding”…. words have meaning

In modern-day marketing parlance, “rebranding” is the very long and expensive process of changing public perception, image, and eventually, people’s beliefs. For example, “rebranding” is something that O.J. Simpson can never accomplish. A simple example of this method to change something’s public identity was the … Continue reading

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Why we are in the shape were in….

If I Were President … (and thank gawd they aren’t) The above are some of a “range” of Americans (12 in number) not employed in politics or the media who were asked what they’d do if they were president. Naturally, only one or … Continue reading

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“I got friends in low places…..”

 Black Panther, Harvard Professor and Long-timePersonal Mentor to Barack & Michelle Obama — Charles Ogletree Hosts Obama on weekend “Social Event”  The list of the enemies of the United States who have taken control of the Oval Office numbers in the hundreds… this … Continue reading

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Let them eat cake…………….

Seventy-seventh round of gold for our Commander-in-Chief at yet another elite course in an exotic locale. A millionaire Martha’s Vineyard realtor estimates the 28-acre property the Obamas rent goes for $35,000 to $50,000 a week. He owns an already-paid-four posh private retreat in … Continue reading

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Taps: We stand at 84

Colonel Charles Murray Jr., 89, who received the Medal of Honor for single-handedly stopping an attack on U.S. troops by 200 Germans during World War II, died Aug. 12 of congestive heart failure Friday at his home in Columbia, S.C. … Continue reading

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At hand: the end of the democrats’ fragile identity-bloc coalition

The cracks are widening in the white styrofoam column foundation on which the Obama administration is built. The natural democrat political coalition of slackers, minorities, welfare queens, poverty pimps and whores, race-baiters, terminal white-guilt libs and the nouveau riche, women and meterosexuals, … Continue reading

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The ego has landed….the sound of one hand clapping

Talk about stranger in a strange land; like Charlie don’t surf… Obama don’t grok. (Note to younger readers…. you’ll have to Google these). He finds himself in fly-over country where real Americans choose to live and it’s clear he is more … Continue reading

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Debt Man Driving

  If there were not 60 million brain-dead American voters involved in choosing presidents, I’d be looking forward to everything Obama attempts to do… and laughing hysterically. But much like Vietnamese females driving, this ain’t funny. After telling Republicans they … Continue reading

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Sunday: Around the horn…. or “Praise The Lord and pass the ammunition…”

Thus far I have few problems with Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s early campaign tactics… coming in stealth mode and announcing after the Ames straw vote charade, avoided unnecessary conflict with GOP party leadership. His initial rhetoric in his first address as a … Continue reading

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