“There’s a comedy tonight….”

While fighting The Regime and other domestic enemies every day, we sometimes overlook the pure comedy gold of the Obama Regime, the The Most Transparent Administration in History which promised that “generations from now we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow.”

As Alrwin Stelzer noted in his London Daily Telegraph column, “Moses made the waters recede, but he had help.”

But “Obama apparently works alone,” retorted Charles Krauthhamer, who continued:

Obama is a three-year senator without a single important legislative achievement to his name, a former Illinois state senator who voted “present” nearly 130 times. As president of the Harvard Law Review, as law professor and as legislator, has he ever produced a single notable piece of scholarship. Written a single memorable article? His most memorable work is a biography of his favorite subject: himself.

Enter laughing….

Non-union labor for Barry’s b-Day bash; union thugs outraged.

Yeah, he wants unions to control your life, but he knows how the unions are; he hands them bags of cash every week.

Big bags.

It could be even more humorous if Joe Biteme, the common man’s friend who lives in a multi-million dollar residential compound, was president.

  • Not content with recently telling a paraplegic audience member to “Stand up, Chuck, let ’em see ya”“What was I thinkin’?”…..
  • ….. he welcomed Rep. Gabby Giffords, still recovering from being shot in the head, back to the floor of the House with this: ‘We’re Both Members of the Cracked Head Club’

Of course no one, including Joe, has any idea what that means, which more or less completes the picture of this insufferable political hack who has also given us so much:

  • “His mom lived in Long Island for ten years or so. God rest her soul. And- although, she’s- wait- your mom’s still- your mom’s still alive. Your dad passed. God bless her soul.”
  • “A man I’m proud to call my friend. A man who will be the next President of the United States — Barack America!” –Biden, at his first 2008 campaign rally.
  • “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”
  • “When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, ‘Look, here’s what happened.”

Key to our automobile future, The Chevy Volt, on pace to sell 70 a week!!!!!… nation-wide 

Way back in February the Volt was selling  281 units a month nationally; turns out, February was a good month.

Put a windmill on ’em.

Welcome to Da Gong Show

China’s Dagong Credit Rating Agency Downgrades US Credit Rating

“A little-known Chinese ratings agency has downgraded the rating of the United States from A+ to A. The move is unlikely to affect U.S. borrowing rates but reflects the pessimism Washington’s debt battle has generated worldwide.”

Palin: “If we were real domestic terrorists . . . President Obama would be wantin’ to pal around with us”

When this is over, if Real America survives, we’ll begin to fully assess the damage and struggle to cope with the catastrophe; and all but the hard core communists will agree this son of a bitch is the worst president in history.

In historical terms he will be the far distant bookend on the 230-year shelf of presidential history. No comparisons are possible… there are all the other CnCs and then there is the Obama category, which of necessity includes Aaron Burr as a footnote.

The Tribal Nation of Broadway Musicals…. aka The Eltonjons of The Pacific Northwest:

Following the long tradition of North American Native Peoples as great trackers, hunters, and warriors, the famous Suquamish Nation of the Pacific Northwest has courageously embraced….. gay marriage.

How proud the Suquamites, er Suquamishes must be to take the lead in this social justice fight for “squaw/brave, whatev….”

The key seems to be fair-skinned, red-headed Indian Heather Purser who told council elders she was a lesbian, and asked her people to recognize same-sex marriages at the tribe’s Washington state reservation.

Leonard Forsman, chairman of the 1,000-member Suquamish Tribe, wants to be sure people understand the tribe’s stance:

“We are open and tolerant, and we want to make sure our members are offered the opportunity to be happy and free in their lives. This lined up with our values as a tribe. We don’t discriminate.

“Don’t discriminate”?  Leonard’s never been a white man on the rez.

Retort of the day on this story:

Posted Aug 3, 2011 at 12:22 pm

krispy01 :  “I don‘t want to know what the tribe’s totem pole looks like !”


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3 Responses to “There’s a comedy tonight….”

  1. Bob Mack says:

    Somebody said of Tailpunner Joe that he does the work of two men—Laurel and Hardy.

  2. Bob Mack says:

    Did Joe Biden’s Loose Lips Sink The SEALS?


    The Master Chief reminds us that the dumbest vice president in American history likely played a role in the tragedy that saw 31 special operators killed, 25 of whom served in the ultra top-secret SEAL Team Six.

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