Now that there’s funny

Friday’s Feel Good Story:

Nothing says NASCAR like a Harvard-educated, black metrosexual who rides a little girl’s bike and is concerned about the price of arugula.

Almost Half the NASCAR Champions Snub Offer of Presidential Photo Op

Tire-smoking, giant atta boys for NASCAR drivers — Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart — who will not be attending the White House visit due to “schedule conflicts.”

Meeting the affirmative action president next week are last year’s NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson and fellow “Chase drivers” (whatever in hell that is) Denny Hamlin, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch, Clint Bowyer, Jeff Burton and Matt Kenseth.

They are apparently suffering from serious levels of inhaled exhaust.


Rick Perry Asks Donors For $76, A Dollar For Each Time Obama Has Golfed…

Once again Perry uses surgical sarcasm and humor to gig the Marxist-in-Chief… plus he can make a “new” request each time the man-boy hits the links.

Speaking of… also using great strategery is Sarah Palin who continues to give the left wing press fits and had all but convinced them that she will run for the GOP nomination which she will not and I’ve said that since the start.

She has spectacularly offered her self as a media target (Patton in England before the Normany Invasion) so they would focus more on her than the other repubs running for the nomination. It’s a political rope-a-dope…. the dopes being the oh so intelligent “journalists”.

John Fund writing in agrees and reported today that:

If Sarah Palin decides that 2012 isn’t her year to run, as I firmly believe is the case, but even sweeter revenge could she have on her media adversaries than to give early backing to a kindred conservative spirit who then went on to win the GOP nomination and indeed the presidency?

That’s why I believe Sarah Palin isn’t running, and why she will ultimately endorse Rick Perry. And if her bet pays off and Perry becomes president, don’t be surprised if the next Secretary of Energy is a certain former Alaska governor who has an aggressive agenda to open up America’s energy resources. Such a platform would also be an effective launching pad for her to start refurbishing her political and policy image.

… and a run for the Oval Office after Perry’s two terms. “…. only 47 years old, a full 15 years younger than Hillary Clinton was when she ran in 2008 and more than two decades younger than Ronald Reagan was when he mounted his successful campaign for president.”

Update:  Report  from Iowa: Palin To Offer a ‘Full Throated Defense Of The Tea Party’…

Cheney: ‘Honored to be compared to Darth Vader’

Laura Ingraham opened her show recently with Star Wars’ “Imperial March”–Darth Vader’s theme–to introduce former Vice-President Dick Cheney, recalling the nickname given to him by the left.

“I always had a soft spot for Darth Vader,” said as Ingraham began her interview, “He was the most interesting person, other than Chewbacca in the Star Wars series. . . c’mon.”

“I was honored to be compared to Darth Vader.”

Once VP Cheney even dressed up as Vader for a D.C.  Halloween party.

That’s the way to deal with left wing morons… ripping sarcasm and humor. It is indeed regrettable that President Bush allowed himself to be pummeled for most of his eight years without fight back against the vicious screeds, accusations and lies.  If he had unleashed our Vader things would have been different.

Can’t wait to read his book.

Illegal Aliens Got $4.2 Billion in Refundable Tax Credits Last Year

Remember when Americans” had to be citizens??

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2 Responses to Now that there’s funny

  1. I would LOVE to be compared to Darth Vader. He got things DONE if you only pay attention to the six movies.

    If you don’t……well, he failed more often than he succeeded and was often bailed out by Sidious. Even his secret apprentice, Starkiller, deserted him and went to the light side to become Galen Marek. Vader was defeated in lightsaber conflict several times and had to leave the battle. Had he not lost most of the midichlorians in his body from having his limbs amputated, there’s no way he could have been stopped…he would have had more Force potential than even Sidious armed with a Kyber crystal.

    ……I know way too much about Star Wars.

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