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Mr. Cain, meet Mr. Justice Clarence Thomas……..

……….. or Judge Bork, if you prefer. Even someone with limited intelligence (see: Ninth Circus Court of Appeals) is capable of understanding what is happening to Herman Cain, by all accounts a decent, hard-working man who had the temerity to run for office as a black conservative. The white overseers of the dem … Continue reading

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Obama runs away….

Obama: US Troops in Iraq Home by Christmas Obama’s minions continue to slather the first affirmative action Commander-in-Chief with lavish praise for taking a page from Dick Nixon’s Vietnam playbook… simply declare victory and run away. “This week, we had … Continue reading

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Revenge of The Worst Lady

Obama: ‘I Married Mooch To Improve My Gene Pool…’ No comment.

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Israelis shocked to learn that US left wingers are anti-Semitic

Well, I’m shocked they didn’t understand that 50 years ago. Haven’t they been paying attention? Far-left jackal Barack Hussein Obama has sided with the enemies of Israel since he was a teen…. you can look it up. March 2010 — … Continue reading

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Connect the dots….

If it required genius to gather the evidence and understand how our collectivist enemies are trying to destroy America, I’d spend a lot more time playing golf, having beer summits and working on my NCAA brackets for the 2012 championships. On … Continue reading

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The Truth….

Make no mistake, the impetus behind Obama Regime’s commitment of advisors ground troops to Uganda is because Uganda is in Africa and Africans are black; he’s throwing a bone to the far left which has demanded military action in the … Continue reading

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Rules for Revolutionaires

My fellow conservatives, aren’t you tired of being right since the 60s and yet forced to vote for a generic, off-the-shelf GOP offering whose time has come…. the McCain, the GHW Bush, the GW Bush and now Rinoromney? This post is not for those … Continue reading

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Justice delayed is justice denied….

Why are American traitors still alive? Several members of the U.S. military and other U.S. citizens have faced — or are facing — serious charges of crimes committed against their country. The latest case came Thursday when Susan Lindauer, a Maryland … Continue reading

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The best of the best……….

Sorry for my extended absence… still suffering a little burnout after six years, plus a week in Louisville for the Medal of Honor convention… 1700+ miles round trip and more than once Don, Mike and I were “overserved” as Don’s refers to … Continue reading

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