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Moral malignancy in the heartland….

Pedophilia is an insidious disease that runs unchecked through and abetted by our permissive society. In a career of 30-40 years a child rapist will average 150 victims or more, obviously some who prey on children victimize many hundreds. I personally and professionally … Continue reading

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So I’m all set for The Great Leader’s take over of all the nation’s radio stations for the fake test of the Emergency Alert System. Here in North Texas (approximately 1 pm Central), listening to the 50k-watt boomer, WBAP, I heard: … Continue reading

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this just in…

Weasel Zipper: Boehner Caving, Says Tax Hikes Will Be Part of Super-committee Deal…   He’s living down to our worst expectations. It’s the taxes, stupid. Here come the additional taxes we sent the tea partiers to DC to fight; Boehner needs … Continue reading

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Always look for….. the union label….

So what’s the central theme to all this we wake up to every morning? By “all this” I mean violent, organized criminal anarchy that is backed and supported by the democrat party, condoned and encouraged by the president of the United States. LM3/1 warned of this … Continue reading

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