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It would have been unthinkable to learn that FDR was closely connected with the German National Socialists in 1936….

.… but that was when we treated our enemies like enemies. Over the last 70 years our will to limit, contain and if necessary destroy our enemies has evaporated to a level low enough to insure the United States being … Continue reading

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“If I wanted America to fail”

The best summation of the Marxist disaster that awaits America… in just 4.5 minutes. In the complete absence of a Constitutionally responsible press, calls to arms such as “If I wanted America to fail” must be shared throughout the land.

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Do not die for the wrong reasons or circumstance……

31 U.S. troops, 7 Afghans killed in Taliban attack on NATO helicopter Taliban insurgents shoot down a Chinook helicopter with a rocket-propelled grenade near Kabul. Casualties included members of the special operations unit that carried out the raid that killed … Continue reading

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Quite frankly, I’m sick to death of us now.

Another Record… 5.4 Million Americans Join Disability Rolls Under Obama I’ll not take a back seat to anyone in insisting that Obama is the worst president ever and will continue to be, long after he retires from the left-wing speaking … Continue reading

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Don’t pay ransom, I escaped….

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. There are many reasons for my quietitudedness, among them: burn-out, laziness, lack of discipline, six years of doing LM3/1, and more recently, the 12th Annual Medal of Honor Week and its accompanying … Continue reading

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