Random and indiscriminate fire…..

You’re in luck, it’s Scatter Shot Monday:

The death of a Navy SEAL and veterans advocate, Chris Kyle, last week was a shock to the national veteran community.

It also prompted the left-wing ghouls to use the murders of Kyle and and his friend Chad Littlefield to blame the victims and pontificate about “evil guns”.

Unless you are a combat veteran, have vast experience in PTSD, have ever faced your own violent death, own guns and fire them, and are immersed in the brotherhood of firearms, then you need to shut your pie hole about what caused this tragedy.

All we know for fact is that Kyle and Littlefield went to help a fellow vet in trouble and something went terribly wrong.

When you are trying to help someone, especially a fellow veteran, you must meet him on “his level”.  In my 20+ years in treating post-traumatic stress disorder I would have been toast had I approached a client and informed him…. “My theoretical orientation is Jungian but I rely heavily on behavioral/cognitive techniques and Ericksonian self-hypnosis.”

I would simply say…. “I was a grunt in a Marine Corps rifle platoon in ‘Nam .” 

Kyle and Littlefield were meeting this allegedly troubled, combat veteran on familiar turf in order to tell him he wasn’t alone, that his brothers would help .

What would be more comfortable to a jarhead than a shooting range with military comrades ?

Bottom line…….. you want to criticize the dead who did far more for this nation by the time they have breakfast, than you will do in your whole life… STFU before someone punches a hole in your chest.

Child abuse…It was not a “tear-jerking performance” of the Sandy Hook Elementary Choir, for anyone with a brain; we know when we are being manipulated by the gun control crowd.

The only thing accomplished by bringing 25 little kids and their “parents” the the Super Bowl is making them “professional victims”; for some it will become their identity, their whipping boy and their excuse for all personal failings… “I was at Sandy Hook Columbine, Aurora, VaTech….blah, blah, blah.” 

Truly concerned parents and teachers will see to it, insist, that their children return to normalcy, and that is impossible if they are offered the spotlight, national TV and being famous–which requires victims… step right right this way Billy!  

Finally there was a Super Bowl ad voiced by Oprah Winfrey for Jeep which was commended for its cringing emotional manipulation and predominate black faces that our troops were all home and everything was just hunky dory in Obama’s America.

Does the America you see reside in that commercial?


About Gary Alexander

Volunteer coordinator for veterans support network in North Texas. Now retired from his private psychotherapy practice, I specialized in the diagnosis and treatment posttraumatic stress, working with victim assistance programs, veterans and the Veterans Administration for over 20 years. After being wounded in action in Vietnam, I was medically retired from the Marine Corps and know first hand many of the readjustment difficulties and psychological stresses experienced by today's OIF and OEF veterans. I am available, at minimal cost, to speak at your functions on several subjects including veterans issues, Vietnam, the Medal of Honor, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and critical incident debriefings.
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4 Responses to Random and indiscriminate fire…..

  1. Anne Kielkopf says:


    Regarding the Oprah commercial, you realize, of course, that vets will revert back to being “baby killers” just as soon as the nation reverts back to electing a Republican President.

  2. Saint Di says:


    RE:  professional victims.  You called that one.  Too oten I see people stating that their claim to fame was some unfortunate event that happened earlier in life and yet that one incident defined their whole life’s exsitence.  How sad..    

  3. GA,
    Have they no shame? Is there no limit to which they will stoop too advance their agenda?
    “for anyone with a brain; we know when we are being manipulated by the gun control crowd.”
    Uh, Child abuse, your being very kind!

    These three hero’s were attempting to heal themselves when something terribly went wrong. Those of us who have benefited by similar encounters know well the value of such selfless acts. We will never know what went through this young man’s mind at that moment. For those of us who have been in his boots we may have a very good idea – but that’s all. The hand ringing crowd have already solved the mystery, I’m sure. They will share their theories with us as well – like it or not!

    Tomorrow night, I will make my monthly trip to the local VAMC. Myself and several other Vietnam vets will bring some food and camaraderie to the men and women in the PTSD program. It makes little or no difference, firing range or hospital, it is for the common goal. To heal each others broken spirits and realize that we are not alone.

    Thre are those who will never understand the simplicity of this prescription.

    Semper Fi.
    (9th MEB – Danang, 65-66)

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