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‘Fury’ heightens the bar of war cinema

What “Saving Private Ryan” did for the frontal assault and combat realism, and “Das Boot” did for the suffocating horror of dying in small, enclosed spaces and what “Platoon” posited about struggling to retain ones humanity and soul while taking … Continue reading

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“If the line isn’t drawn here and now then it will be generations before our youth revolts.”

Yesterday, I received a straight-forward and important question from a thirty-something, male friend: “I want you to help me…. instead of bitching about the same ol Obama bullshit, I want you men and women to come up with a solution to my problem. … Continue reading

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Glückliches Neujahr

I didn’t understand the rush to leave 2012… only to arrive in ’13. We survived last year and should have just remained there. ‘Thirteen holds little promise. We have never faced an oppressive Marxist government that promises to crush our … Continue reading

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Cult of peresonality

Politico reports, via Weasel Zipper that “Actor Brad Pitt was in ‘respectful awe’ when he visited President Obama in the Oval Office in March 2009, Jodi Kantor reports in ‘The Obamas’.” “Though the star is so confident in his public life, he … Continue reading

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The low hanging fruit… and I’m not taking about Bawney…

WASHINGTON (AP) — Bypassing Republican opposition President Obama today made three more recess appointments – this time to the National Labor Relations Board; the infuriated GOP leaders threatened legal action and warned that Obama was setting a dangerous precedent by … Continue reading

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Always look for….. the union label….

So what’s the central theme to all this we wake up to every morning? By “all this” I mean violent, organized criminal anarchy that is backed and supported by the democrat party, condoned and encouraged by the president of the United States. LM3/1 warned of this … Continue reading

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My work here is done…

Dick. Sorry, there is no other word for this petulant 8th grader in a $2,000 suit; besides, its usage was cleared by the MSM for use on national TV by laughing, card-carrying leftists. Obama’s been getting away with this third-grade bird … Continue reading

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