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In war there are the “lucky” and then there is Steve Young

“The reason my responses are limited is because I am at work. Some of us weren’t lucky enough to be war heroes, so we still have to work for a living instead of being able to rely on a monthly … Continue reading

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“If the line isn’t drawn here and now then it will be generations before our youth revolts.”

Yesterday, I received a straight-forward and important question from a thirty-something, male friend: “I want you to help me…. instead of bitching about the same ol Obama bullshit, I want you men and women to come up with a solution to my problem. … Continue reading

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Glückliches Neujahr

I didn’t understand the rush to leave 2012… only to arrive in ’13. We survived last year and should have just remained there. ‘Thirteen holds little promise. We have never faced an oppressive Marxist government that promises to crush our … Continue reading

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Phil…. an appreciation

I read half of it, stopped and then re-read the first few words of Phil’s e-mail again. “We are sorry Phil died on 4/14. please cancel subscription, or media. If friend, we are sorry for your loss” I guess this … Continue reading

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The gift of generalizations

The other day one of my closest friends called to ask a simple question… he read something I’d written about those who were liberals as young people and have remained virtually unchanged by the passage of time even having achieved senior citizen status. In … Continue reading

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Was it all a Dream?

Last night Sleek and I were having our usual fast-paced monthly chat which is always part family and friends, but mostly bashing the state of our nation, especially now that it’s under Marxist control. A small businessman most of his adult life, Sleek is maddeningly frustrated, … Continue reading

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The gift of fear…. can save your life

It remains a vivid memory. On convalescent leave from the Long Beach Naval hospital after being medevaced from Vietnam, I accompanied a friend to his bank. As he opened the door and I followed him in, a motorcycle backfired only 10 feet … Continue reading

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We’ve already met our best friends….

(Editor’s note: Please pardon the 24-break in service here; it seems an anti-spam hunter-killerbot cancelled my ticket at WordPress for some unfounded reason, making the OBL post tardy; obviously SkyNet has become self-aware). Had a great time in my Central California … Continue reading

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