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‘Fury’ heightens the bar of war cinema

What “Saving Private Ryan” did for the frontal assault and combat realism, and “Das Boot” did for the suffocating horror of dying in small, enclosed spaces and what “Platoon” posited about struggling to retain ones humanity and soul while taking … Continue reading

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“If the line isn’t drawn here and now then it will be generations before our youth revolts.”

Yesterday, I received a straight-forward and important question from a thirty-something, male friend: “I want you to help me…. instead of bitching about the same ol Obama bullshit, I want you men and women to come up with a solution to my problem. … Continue reading

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Phil…. an appreciation

I read half of it, stopped and then re-read the first few words of Phil’s e-mail again. “We are sorry Phil died on 4/14. please cancel subscription, or media. If friend, we are sorry for your loss” I guess this … Continue reading

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Sometimes things just fold together nicely so, and I’m around to hear it, read it, or see it. Yesterday three initially disparate events occurred, the lesson for us follows: Tough Love: Congressman Allen West, about whom I’ve written (see previous post), spoke … Continue reading

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