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In war there are the “lucky” and then there is Steve Young

“The reason my responses are limited is because I am at work. Some of us weren’t lucky enough to be war heroes, so we still have to work for a living instead of being able to rely on a monthly … Continue reading

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‘Lone Survivor’: A Rorschach Test for the left

(The SEAL team, led by LT Michael P. Murphy and consisting of petty officers Danny Dietz, Matthew Axelson, and Marcus Luttrell, were on a mission to kill or capture Ahmad Shah, a Taliban leader who commanded a group of insurgents known as the “Mountain Tigers,” west of Asadabad.) The following is … Continue reading

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“If the line isn’t drawn here and now then it will be generations before our youth revolts.”

Yesterday, I received a straight-forward and important question from a thirty-something, male friend: “I want you to help me…. instead of bitching about the same ol Obama bullshit, I want you men and women to come up with a solution to my problem. … Continue reading

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Random and indiscriminate fire…..

You’re in luck, it’s Scatter Shot Monday: The death of a Navy SEAL and veterans advocate, Chris Kyle, last week was a shock to the national veteran community. It also prompted the left-wing ghouls to use the murders of Kyle and and … Continue reading

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Soft targets…..

In the aftermath of the Newtown Connecticut school mass casualty attack, liberals who never “let a crisis go to waste” are again trying to disarm law-abiding American citizens. Yes, it is exactly backwards, but then we’re used to that from liberals, no? Nonetheless, lets us … Continue reading

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Glückliches Neujahr

I didn’t understand the rush to leave 2012… only to arrive in ’13. We survived last year and should have just remained there. ‘Thirteen holds little promise. We have never faced an oppressive Marxist government that promises to crush our … Continue reading

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A Christmas present for John F. Kerry

I thought 2004 would be the last of John F. Kerry–who served in Vietnam (and Cambodia)  I’m told–but no; rising like a political third-string zombie he still haunts the Senate chambers contaminating its importance and history. Worse, Kerry will soon … Continue reading

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No Country for Old Men………………

There is little to be gained from this election’s continued vivisection; the left’s polls were pretty damned accurate… the U.S. electorate has changed far more than Real America thought and much more quickly. What we assumed to be over-optimistic left-wing … Continue reading

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The beginning of the end……

My friend Jeff The Norton Driver ask me for an election update last night; here it is… as of noon Central Time I see nothing that makes me second guess anything regarding the below. Remember, don’t watch the Obama network exit polls… … Continue reading

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Valerie Jarrett – “After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time.”

Iranian-born Chicago thug, Valerie Jarrett is Obama’s most trusted adviser and an ardent adherent (as is her boss) of Sol Alinsky, one of America’s greatest domestic enemies. Thankfully, he is dead. Tomorrows election is for the soul of America… and here is our enemy: … Continue reading

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