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‘Fury’ heightens the bar of war cinema

What “Saving Private Ryan” did for the frontal assault and combat realism, and “Das Boot” did for the suffocating horror of dying in small, enclosed spaces and what “Platoon” posited about struggling to retain ones humanity and soul while taking … Continue reading

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Random and indiscriminate fire…..

You’re in luck, it’s Scatter Shot Monday: The death of a Navy SEAL and veterans advocate, Chris Kyle, last week was a shock to the national veteran community. It also prompted the left-wing ghouls to use the murders of Kyle and and … Continue reading

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Tiny caskets.

It was mid-fall in Colorado and my family joined other church families for a Saturday cookout at the local park. In those days it seemed like every family had four children; as I remember the scene was Norman Rockwell-worthy replete with football throwing, … Continue reading

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The gift of generalizations

The other day one of my closest friends called to ask a simple question… he read something I’d written about those who were liberals as young people and have remained virtually unchanged by the passage of time even having achieved senior citizen status. In … Continue reading

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Moral malignancy in the heartland….

Pedophilia is an insidious disease that runs unchecked through and abetted by our permissive society. In a career of 30-40 years a child rapist will average 150 victims or more, obviously some who prey on children victimize many hundreds. I personally and professionally … Continue reading

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“Rebranding”…. words have meaning

In modern-day marketing parlance, “rebranding” is the very long and expensive process of changing public perception, image, and eventually, people’s beliefs. For example, “rebranding” is something that O.J. Simpson can never accomplish. A simple example of this method to change something’s public identity was the … Continue reading

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Why we are in the shape were in….

If I Were President … (and thank gawd they aren’t) The above are some of a “range” of Americans (12 in number) not employed in politics or the media who were asked what they’d do if they were president. Naturally, only one or … Continue reading

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My work here is done…

Dick. Sorry, there is no other word for this petulant 8th grader in a $2,000 suit; besides, its usage was cleared by the MSM for use on national TV by laughing, card-carrying leftists. Obama’s been getting away with this third-grade bird … Continue reading

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The gift of fear…. can save your life

It remains a vivid memory. On convalescent leave from the Long Beach Naval hospital after being medevaced from Vietnam, I accompanied a friend to his bank. As he opened the door and I followed him in, a motorcycle backfired only 10 feet … Continue reading

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