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‘Lone Survivor’: A Rorschach Test for the left

(The SEAL team, led by LT Michael P. Murphy and consisting of petty officers Danny Dietz, Matthew Axelson, and Marcus Luttrell, were on a mission to kill or capture Ahmad Shah, a Taliban leader who commanded a group of insurgents known as the “Mountain Tigers,” west of Asadabad.) The following is … Continue reading

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On turning 65…….

“There’s just no arguing with 60…,” I used to say. It seemed and still does seem like a line of demarcation in ones life from what went before and whatever GPS coordinates I inhabit now on Life’s Back Nine. I’ve always had many older … Continue reading

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The train on the bridge on the tunnel on the freeway to nowhere………

(News Item):  A strong majority of California voters against bullet train project just as Gov. Brown pressures the Legislature to green-light the start of construction, poll finds. This kind of left-wing, pie-in-the-sky public transportation , enviro-whacko debacle has always fascinated me. It’s … Continue reading

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Sunday pot shots…

Insult to injury: This topic quickly became a cliché soon after the Obama Marxist regime occupied the White House, but here’s the obligatory bit on his fiddling while we circle the drain, and it costs us a bloody fortune (via Hawaii … Continue reading

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