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The ego has landed….the sound of one hand clapping

Talk about stranger in a strange land; like Charlie don’t surf… Obama don’t grok. (Note to younger readers…. you’ll have to Google these). He finds himself in fly-over country where real Americans choose to live and it’s clear he is more … Continue reading

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Find the cost of freedom Buried in the ground Mother Earth will swallow you Lay your body down Chief Petty Officer Robert Reeves, 32, (left ) and his best friend, Lt. Commander Jonas Kelsall, 33, died together when their special operations … Continue reading

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We’re No. 2!! We’re No. 2!!…. again

I’m really beyond frustration and even anger… now I’m just that much closer to joining my friend Jeff The Norton Driver on a small hill overlooking the debacle just tsk-tsking our way through a fifth or case of of bourbon. I’m to the … Continue reading

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Is it time for professional juries?

Validation of yesterday’s post was not long in coming, courtesy of one of the brain-dead, no doubt liberal jurors in the Casey Anthony trial miscarriage of justice. Fat Cow Juror #3: “If they’d charged her with other things, we probably … Continue reading

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Have we abrogated our own reason and judgment for TV scripts?

The obligatory Casey Anthony post: It’s simple… this defective human is guilty as Ted Kennedy, but I beliesve she walked free in large part because of what I call “CSI Transference Syndrome” which can be fatal to prosecutors’ major cases. Jurors suffering from … Continue reading

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We return you now to regular programming now in progress…

Sorry for the unannounced hiatus… work piled up and I had a twinge of burnout; guess it happens from time to time, anyway thanks for the encouragement… especially from my buddy Jeff The Norton Driver who still bravely hold the … Continue reading

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