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On turning 65…….

“There’s just no arguing with 60…,” I used to say. It seemed and still does seem like a line of demarcation in ones life from what went before and whatever GPS coordinates I inhabit now on Life’s Back Nine. I’ve always had many older … Continue reading

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Tiny caskets.

It was mid-fall in Colorado and my family joined other church families for a Saturday cookout at the local park. In those days it seemed like every family had four children; as I remember the scene was Norman Rockwell-worthy replete with football throwing, … Continue reading

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The Understatement of The Year Contest is thus decided….

…….. Obama in a landslide. “Using the Flesh-Kincaid readability test, which employs a mathematical formula based on the number of words and syllables in a text’s sentences to determine its reading level, the University of Minnesota’s Smart Politics blog calculated that Obama’s speech was … Continue reading

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The gift of generalizations

The other day one of my closest friends called to ask a simple question… he read something I’d written about those who were liberals as young people and have remained virtually unchanged by the passage of time even having achieved senior citizen status. In … Continue reading

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These are the classics students should be reading….

Day by Day Cartoon by Chris Muir A great summation of our domestic enemies by one of the few conservative ‘toonists who packs real venom in his pen.

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“Rebranding”…. words have meaning

In modern-day marketing parlance, “rebranding” is the very long and expensive process of changing public perception, image, and eventually, people’s beliefs. For example, “rebranding” is something that O.J. Simpson can never accomplish. A simple example of this method to change something’s public identity was the … Continue reading

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