Is it time for professional juries?

Validation of yesterday’s post was not long in coming, courtesy of one of the brain-dead, no doubt liberal jurors in the Casey Anthony trial miscarriage of justice.

Fat Cow Juror #3:

“If they’d charged her with other things, we probably could have convicted or, you know, got a guilty sentence, but not for death. Not for first degree.”


It’s incomprehensible how this woman and her fellow jurors had absolutely no grasp of whatsoever of their charge, our legal system and their solemn duty to find the truth without regard of the possible punishment(s).

Simply, this panel engaged in the worst kind of jury nullification and allowed a killer to go scott-free, become a millionaire; worse, Anthony has written.. ”

According to letters written by Anthony to another  inmate, the 25-year-old has dreamed of becoming pregnant again or adopting  because “so many kids and teens are homeless and that’s something I want to  target.”

In the hand-written letters, obtained by, Anthony writes: “I had a dream not too long ago that I was  pregnant. It was like having Cays all over again.” Read more:

Over at Hot Allahpundit makes cogent points:

  • Even Alan “The System Worked” Dershowitz admits that “There was sufficient circumstantial evidence from which the jury could have inferred homicide.” If this juror’s saying that they were inclined to send her to prison had death not been on the table, well, they could have taken death off the table themselves and sent her to prison anyway.
  • … they did charge her with other things…. why’d they acquit her on manslaughter and aggravated child abuse too? The whole reason the prosecution made the lesser included offenses available was to give jurors an alternative in case they found the evidence of malice aforethought shaky or, I guess, in case they got squeamish about capital punishment.  (For photo evidence of this mother of the year, click here.)

Nits breed lice: Now this scumbag and her scumbag parents can spend the rest of their lives at various bars, drunken parties, clubs and concerts looking for the real killers.

Getting_Gate_Raped_By_The_TSA.jpgWe’d be better off sub-contracting airport security to The Mob:

(Broward New Times) While most Transportation Security Administration employees are busy groping people or taking naked pictures of them, the cops say one of those employees was putting fliers’ electronics down his pants.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office says 30-year-old Nelson Santiago stole around $50,000 worth of electronics over the past six months from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Now that the TSA is safely protected by Obama and and his un ion thugs… expect a slap on the wrist and the “right” to keep his job fondling old ladies and children.

About Gary Alexander

Volunteer coordinator for veterans support network in North Texas. Now retired from his private psychotherapy practice, I specialized in the diagnosis and treatment posttraumatic stress, working with victim assistance programs, veterans and the Veterans Administration for over 20 years. After being wounded in action in Vietnam, I was medically retired from the Marine Corps and know first hand many of the readjustment difficulties and psychological stresses experienced by today's OIF and OEF veterans. I am available, at minimal cost, to speak at your functions on several subjects including veterans issues, Vietnam, the Medal of Honor, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and critical incident debriefings.
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2 Responses to Is it time for professional juries?

  1. Hap Arnold says:

    “While most Transportation Security Administration employees are busy groping people or taking naked pictures of them, the cops say one of those employees was putting fliers’ electronics down his pants.”

    Hey, the TSA storm troopers @ Meadows Field in Bakersfield took my menacing, family-size toooob of Colgate toothpaste. I asked, “Is that how you guys keep your toiletries fully stocked @ home?” They didn’t think that was funny. I didn’t think it was funny that my perfectly harmless toothpaste was stolen from me. BTW, that SAME tooooob made it through screenings @ Sky Hawbuh Airport in Phoenix & Lindbergh Field in San Diego. Go figger….


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