A Christmas present for John F. Kerry

I thought 2004 would be the last of John F. Kerry–who served in Vietnam (and Cambodia)  I’m told–but no; rising like a political third-string zombie he still haunts the Senate chambers contaminating its importance and history.

Worse, Kerry will soon be trotted out as Obama’s nominee for Secretary of State…. too bad for America, but a fitting twosome when you think if it.

Kerrytestifycongress1971_4As I recall, I met Kerry in the spring of 1972.

He came to Fresno State to speak and as editor of the Daily Collegian, I assigned the interview of the week to myself.

I found him to be… how do I say this?… a prick.

Sorry if your kids are reading this (even if they should).

Dressed in the intentionally working class Levis and Army fatigue jacket, his lanky frame was very Gary Cooper but he tipped the scales at probably 20 pounds less.

He sat for the interview for about 20 minutes in my office; I don’t recall a thing about it; his remarks (there were few real answers) were right out of the lefty handbook: “The People of Vietnam”… “Paris Peace Talks“… “Withdrawal”… “genocide”.

Blah. Blah.

I’d had better interviews with assistant profs in the FSU’s Oenology (look it up) Department.

KerryfpmI led him across the quad toward the Student Center ante room where he could gather himself before his speech at the amphitheater. I took a few pictures… which were about as boring as the lantern-jawed subject.

The student’s response to his talk about Vietnam was predictable; he was preaching to the choir.

But, his East Coast, patrician, condescending attitude rubbed the Vietnam veteran sons of blue collar workers the wrong way.

Most of my fellow vets had always been skeptical of his ‘Nam curriculum vitae, especially his three Purple Hearts, “earned” in as many months… no real leader would every use three paper cuts to get out of the war; I never anyone who even knew about the “three and out” rule. Had we, we would have thought it a lie.

Later, along with three million in-country Vietnam vets, I would learn that the circumstances that allowed him America’s oldest military decoration were indefensible. I needn’t belabor the details further.

Kerry had used his three “wounds” to grab a fast ticket out of Vietnam in 90 days, leaving his enlisted riverboat shipmates to their fate… unforgivable.

A Marine officer taking the same cowardly exit would have been despised, confronted and maybe even punched out for doing the same.

Kerry_medal_2The last straw came with his speech before some Senate committee in which he betrayed all of us, maligned and savaged our service with the most despicable slander… “cutting off heads”?


Over the next 40 years I never changed my opinion of John Kerry… elected to the Senate, friend of the Kennedys and Gary Hart(pence), and finally, 2004 dimocrat party presidential nominee.

For Lt. John F. Kerry, Vietnam was nothing more that a photo op on the road to a politic career (boosted by the plagiarism of the real JFK’s war record).

All this, combined with throwing his medals back at the White House in 1971 (which turned out to not be his medals, or ribbons, or whatever), and his later statements, behavior, and actions made the junior senator from Massachusetts a traitor to his comrades in my book, and a pariah to all vets.

Kerry_sign_3As we said in ‘Nam… “payback is a M**********r”; and following the lead of the Medal of Honor Recipient “Bud” Day and the “Swiftboat Vets”… we sunk the USS Kerry in 2004, driving a stake into the heart of the effete bastard’s political aspirations… a wound he did not survive.

Nonetheless, the dimocrats  have two teams… the Marxists and retreads like Kerry, Clinton, Reid and Schumer. When there is something that the Obamamarxists don’t care, about like Secretary of State (See: Ambassador, Benghazi), they go to the bench and pull out some has-been like Kerry.

There is a special place in VFW Hell for John Kerry; he’s there now; and to whatever extent possible, I hope somehow is aware of our ire…. like his buddy, Jane Fonda.

But… I doubt it.

About Gary Alexander

Volunteer coordinator for veterans support network in North Texas. Now retired from his private psychotherapy practice, I specialized in the diagnosis and treatment posttraumatic stress, working with victim assistance programs, veterans and the Veterans Administration for over 20 years. After being wounded in action in Vietnam, I was medically retired from the Marine Corps and know first hand many of the readjustment difficulties and psychological stresses experienced by today's OIF and OEF veterans. I am available, at minimal cost, to speak at your functions on several subjects including veterans issues, Vietnam, the Medal of Honor, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and critical incident debriefings.
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6 Responses to A Christmas present for John F. Kerry

  1. Anne Kielkopf says:

    Merry Christmas, GA!!

    I’m trying to come up with the appropriate “Seasons Greeting” image for Kerry. Perhaps a string of malfunctioning Christmas tree lights wrapped snugly around his neck. Maybe some ground up mistletoe (it’s toxic, you know) in his holiday cider. It would truly be the gift that keeps on giving.


  2. Bob Mack says:

    The only real hero named Kerry was Bob Kerrey (with an “e”), who won the MOH on Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang Bay in ’69. The other is to heroism as Spam is to meat. Have a Merry Christmas, GA.

    • Kerrey is considered an oddity among MOHs… like the recently-passed Inouye, he has never “participated” in much of anything as a Recipient. For years I’ve battled idiots reporters for awarded The Medal to Kerry.
      And to you Bo… we’re in for The Long March.

  3. Merry Christmas Marine! OOOH RAH….

    They (Obamacrats) are like roaches, no matter how many you kill there always one you miss. This NGSoB epitomizes them in there most recognizable form. If I didn’t know better I’d bet he was the proto- type for Obama. Very typical, they have to create themselves since they are totally void of even a hint of character of their own. I commend your restraint, for if I was to get that close the the slug, I don’t believe I’d be that hospitable. I actually thought that the Liar-in Chief was to going to do the really push the envolope and appoint him to SoD. Now that would get this old’ fart off his rocker and on the Accela to our national dumping ground for incompetence, also know as Washington DC. I guess even those lefties,.that pay homage to the ONE, still can recognize a horrific tipping point when they see it. How pathetic!

    What hurts me most is the business with the three PH’s. It is an insult to any man in any war who actually earned the award. I know many of our brothers who still wear the scars (visable and non-visable) and never were recommended fo a PH. Yet, this slug was allowed to play the system. And he played it well with the help of “his handlers.” I guess that is preferable to the “litter carriers” as most recipients know too well. God help US! Talk about getting a lump of coal in you stocking! Oh, excuse me, that is not allowed by the EPA, anyway you cut it is still a LUMP OF MANURE.

    As a combat Vet who served 16 months in RVN and had to enlist the help of two Congress critters some 40+ years later to get my awards in order to prove that AO was the cause of my cancer(s). Not to mention, the years of untreated PTSD, the ciaos that ensued that we won’t discuss that here.

    I’m ashamed, that this is the best we can do to represent our great Nation on the world stage. It’s an insult to all who have served and sacrificed to protect this country for future generations.

    JFK (Heinz 57 Variety MUTT) and Hanoi Jane should both rot in hell.

    Semper Fi and a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year

    Winchman – 9th MEB (3rd MAF) 1965-66

    God Bless America!

  4. Bill Bruni says:

    Please note that most of the dear leader’s key personnel are merely water carriers for this POS. A position that Kerry is eminently qualified for.

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